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31 August 2012 @ 12:16 pm
So if you are in Community fandom, you probably know already that Troy/Abed is currently in AfterElton's Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney. If not, you may or may not know that xD

But anyways, at first voting was unlimited, so Community fans were going really strong, coming from a 7,000 vote deficit on Monday morning to eventually gain a 5,000 vote lead by Wednesday morning. However, due to a bit of an issue in another bracket, voting has been limited to once an hour and since then Troy/Abed has been slowing falling behind, until now when we are twenty votes behind.

So, even if you are not a Troy/Abed shipper, and even if you are not in Community fandom, please go here and vote! If you want to, go to my how to vote guide to get about ten extra votes in. But even one vote per hour would really help!

Thanks :)
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